The bubble…

Having started to venture out with the ThirskWriteNow writing group, I responded, last night, to a 500 writing challenge on the subject of Bubbles. What did I know about bubbles. In the end, I thought it might be interesting to see if I could work it into another project of mine. I’ve written a short scene between two people. If it was a movie, the log line would go something like this:

A female artist for whom there is no life in meaning, confronts a troubled  philosophy professor looking for meaning in his life.

At a breakfast table, Professor Iain Grey, 50, sits with Rachel, 30. Both are dressed for the day. Iain is staring into his coffee cup. Rachel is looking at him, quizically.

Iain: I can see. You know that, don’t you?

Rachel: You can see what? You’re not making sense?

Iain: It’s clear… it’s like the substance of you… what you are, psychologically speaking  …encased by your presence… your actions and deeds. It’s like the air trapped in a bubble…

Rachel: A bubble? Now I know you’re not making sense.

Iain: We all have it… a bubble. When you get close to me your bubble pushes against my bubble…

Rachel: [laughs]

Iain: Don’t. I can’t stand people who laugh at something that isn’t funny…

Rachel: You’re funny…

Iain: Stop it. …And you’re too close.

Rachel: Too close?

Iain: Yes… Your bubble is pushing against mine?

Rachel: For Christ sake, make sense!

Iain: You believe in god?

Rachel: No, I don’t. …any way, I wasn’t too close last night?

Iain: Last night was different. The wine…

Rachel: Sod the wine …the sex was fantastic.

Iain: Now you’re just changing the subject.

Rachel: What subject?

Iain: Bubbles… It’s eighteen inches… [shakes head] You didn’t know that… did you?

Rachel: What’s eighteen inches…

Iain: The point at which intimacy stops and personal space begins…

Rachel: Pardon.

Iain: Intimacy… that’s the problem.

Rachel: Problem?

Iain: Yes. There are four zones of interpersonal space. Intimate, personal, social and public. It’s all a question of how far from me, you… or anyone… is. Eighteen inches to four feet away from me is personal. Beyond four feet it’s social and beyond eight it’s

Rachel: So… I’m… what… sitting in your personal space right now?

Iain: Yes…

Rachel: And last night? …It was intimate?

Iain: Yes… I suppose… Well, no…

Rachel: There wasn’t much choice… that’s a small bed you’ve got!

Iain: I don’t normally have company.

Rachel: That’s your problem.

Iain: I know.

Rachel: I got it! …I burst your intimacy bubble. [laughs]

Iain: And that’s the problem. My personal space is for conversations with friends… chatting with
associates or group discussions.

Rachel: And I don’t fit in?

Iain: And you don’t fit in.

Rachel: That’s rich. What about last night.

Iain: There was nothing psychological about it… I seem to remember it was primordial. …Animal

Rachel: But it was intimate? …Surely?

Iain: [Grunts]

Rachel: What’s a matter? No answer for that?

Iain: Intimacy… that’s friends, lovers, children, family…

Rachel: Don’t I fit in anywhere?

Iain: No… I don’t think so… Well, I mean…

Rachel: Mean?

Iain: …we only met yesterday.

Rachel: And tomorrow you or I could be dead.

Iain: I probably will be.

Rachel: Christ… you’re dark.

Iain: Tomorrow’s the election.

Rachel: I know.

Iain: My brother is a candidate.

Rachel: You?

Iain: My brother…

Rachel: You’re that University Professor in the news.

Iain: If my brother loses, the president stays.

Rachel: And…

Iain: And I end up disappearing.

Rachel: How?

Iain: It’s complicated. …I can’t say. I can’t be intimate or even personal with you.

Rachel: Fuck your bloody bubble.

Iain: You did… last night… don’t you remember.

Rachel: So you do have a sense of humour… there is hope for you yet!

Fade out…

What would burst your bubble?

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