River of Judgement

Middle-aged and forward-thinking, Finn Jackson has it sorted – almost. The promise of elusive yet finally achievable riches awaits him as he prepares to float his fledgling oil company on a London stock market. If he could just get his personal life together…

Lyneth Jones is not only gorgeous, she is also a successful litigation lawyer. Now she is looking for a man to share her life with…

Alexa Stuart has everything. She owns a successful PR Agency in the City, has a high-flying achiever of a husband, and lives a very comfortable life. But first appearances are often deceptive.

“She smiled, softly; a little mischievous smile — the smile he’d come to recognise from [her] normally playful demeanour. ‘I have a joint credit card on one of [his] bank accounts…’ she grinned.”

Then, without warning, their lives change… Ousted in a boardroom coup, Finn’s world is turned upside-down. The consequences drive deep into the destinies of both Lyneth and Alexa.

Ambition hangs in the balance as they are caught in a game of cat-and-mouse, and Finn tries to hold on to all he has worked so hard to achieve. Even the distraction of his beautiful new partners cannot tempt Finn from his end-goal, indeed they are the reason he needs to keep going. Will honesty and grit be enough?

Set against the City back-drop of the growing financial crisis in 2007, the River of Judgement follows a journey of intrigue, plagued by ambition and treachery.

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