From thinking management to creating management…

Note: This post first featured on “The Art of…” blog, under my name: David Atkinson

Well, here goes… I have decided on a career change – number ? in a series from 1 to ??In Thinking the Art of Management I have written about the concept of fiction as a means of delivering new objective ideas into any real world scenario (and I use that word “real” with all the caveats imaginable – what is real?). Fiction is a powerful tool for communication: the creation of an imaginary idea that, with a process of socialisation, sets up a realm of the possible.

For example: where do we – or you – as an individual or corporate body want to be in five years time? That is fiction. A business plan is fiction. And, to me, the most successful fiction is that which I can relate to, get engaged with and so on. Fiction only works as a communication tool when its audience can engage with it. To Ruskin, the greatest art was that which conveyed to the mind of the audience, the greatest number of the greatest ideas.

So, my next project is an overt work of fiction: a novel. I am busy writing an 80,000 word suspense novel set in the world of management. It is, I have to admit, being written with commerciality in mind. I certainly do not intend to pass it off as some form of alternative management text. However, I hope that my work will stir the imagination in its final readership.

  • River of Judgement

    Doing business in the city can be a dirty game – it is for FINN JACKSON, chief executive of Tiger Oil. When company chairman GRAYSON BARCLAY forces his exit in a board room coup, Finn’s world is turned upside down. Overnight Finn goes from entrepreneur on the brink of making it rich to near bankrupt and, faced with nothing else left to lose, he is a man backed into a corner. Finn has no plan and few friends in the city; he is learning every step of the way. Friends turn to enemies and new relationships are forged – including the beautiful Welsh litigation lawyer, LYNETH JONES, and ALEXA STUART, the gorgeous wife of his friend and business partner AARON PHILIPS. From the Peace River oilfields in Alberta to the City of London, Finn fights to regain control of what he has lost; he is a man with a mission -he needs to get even.

More later… But, as the saying goes, if any one is interested in learning more – drop me a note.