A short post on… SKiP(ing) into the future

Note: This post first featured on “The Art of…” blog, under my name: David Atkinson http://davidsartof.blogspot.com/

Looking for a new acronym for innovation in a knowledge economy? Forget PEST, try SKiP(ing)…

I wrote, in an earlier post on Ragged Trousers, about the fact I had based that very post on an earlier essay entitled “SKiP(ing) Into a Futurist Economy”. It was loosely based on a presentation I gave to some academic staff at Sheffield Hallam University earlier this year.

I have now made that essay available as a pdf file for download from my web site. You can read, in detail, some of my thoughts centred around innovation and, in particular, the concept of Open Innovation. In addition, I introduce SKiP as new acronym for relating to Innovation in Knowledge.