The end in sight…? A publishing journey… and some kind words!

Note: This post first featured on “The Art of…” blog, under my name: David Atkinson

Progress in reaching the publication of “The River of Judgement”!

This week I launched my new author web site:!

David Sartof is my pen name, to keep my fiction writing separate from my non-fiction. And, there just seems to be so many David Atkinson’s out there who write books! Who would credit it? Is the the DNA/Gene pool talking?

Still, for those interested, the book is introduced with a book trailer – an example of the growing trend of using the capabilities of new media and the Internet to advertise books! Take a look, either through the web site or direct on YouTube.

As I make the final preparations for the launch – towards the end of this year – I thought I would mark this stage in the publishing journey with some of the kind words from some other writers over at These writers have all commented having read the first few chapters of River of Judgement.

“I wasn’t sure if I could get into something like this, but nevertheless wanted to give it a try anyway. Glad I did! This is a very strong project; all the aspects of drama, conflict, great dialogue, excellent plot, near-perfect writing–it’s all here! Sometimes taking a risk does pay off…” Anne

“A timely book, this. …I thought this is a crisp, fluent read – well-developed characters dealing with topical dilemmas.” Jo

“This writing is excellent, high finance drama in the boardroom… I was a general manager for… 15 years so I can identify. Always plenty of conflict in the boardroom, great makings for a novel. …You have a great story working here…” Steve

“…I like the story [to] take me on on a journey without me knowing where it’s to. Your story does that for me… It’s well written and excellent characterisation” Anthony