Innovation: …in a game of Chinese Whispers?

Note: This post first featured on “The Art of…” blog, under my name: David Atkinson

Gateway to Investment (G2i) the London-based Investment Readiness Programme, have recently (1st July) issued a post relating to the UK Government’s plan for a UK INNOVATION FUND .

The G2i post prompted me to consider the game of Chinese Whispers.

The essence of my observation, here, is the G2i post-writer’s mention of an assumption made by Lord Drayson, the Science and Innovation minister. Apparently (according to the post), Lord Drayson has championed the need for such a UK INNOVATION FUND to put an end to the equity gap in the UK, based on the assumption that the fund will “…attract more investors, entrepreneurs and companies to the UK.” Is this really a key objective of the fund? What does such an assumption say about the state of innovation in the UK? Are we really so devoid of our own innovative capacity, that